Online Nikah Procedure for UAE, UK & USA

Pakistan is a third world country, so it is in the progress of development especially is the information technology sector and digitalizing the data. Nikah has its own significance because of religion and if we say it is a milestone in one’s life then it won’t be wrong from the religious, cultural, and social aspects.

Online Nikah Procedure
In Pakistan it is not easy to register NIKAHNAMA while you are living in some other country but, by the innovation of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), marriages can be registered online, and it is entirely legal. Marriage Certificate issued by NADRA is completely computerized, so there won’t be a big problem if you misplace your marriage certificate.

The facility of Online registration of marriage (Nikah) is given to overseas Pakistanis because they don’t want to travel back to their homeland just for this purpose especially if they are living in UAE, KSA, UK, USA, Canada, and Australia etc. Many law expert firms provide the facility to the desired couples for getting their nikah registered online in 2 to 3 packages, it is up to the couple which package they suite according to the requirements and facilities provided. The first thing to note is to get services from a well-known law firm with a good reputation so it won’t mess up your case and ensure legality in it. After you hire law agency for this purpose, website make sure that you provide them the information with full honesty, so problems won’t occur in registration. After nikah, it will be their responsibility to take up your case and get your marriage registered from the concerned authorities of Pakistan and provide the marriage certificate and copies of Urdu nikahnama too.

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